Auto Insurance:

Often taken for granted, automobile insurance is an important part of your overall financial stragety. Too much coverage is a waste of money while inadiquate coverage can put all your assets to risk.

We are proud to represent top quality insurance companies and will work with you to make sure you understand you coverages and provide them to you at a fair price.

Standard Auto Policy:

The Standard Auto Policy provides liability insurance in the event of an accident. This covers people or property harmed in an accident, as well as any legal fees you may incur.

High Risk Auto Policy:

Our High Risk Auto Policy provides coverage to clients who have received points on their drivers license sometimes making it hard to acquire auto insurance coverage.

Classic Car Auto Policy:

When owning a Classic car, insurance is a necessity. Whether you drive your car in parades or show your car

at car shows, our Classic Car Policy provides insurance for your car based on its appraised value.