Disability Insurance:

Unfortunately, accidents and illnesses are a part of life. Protect yourself and your family from untimely accidents and/or illnesses by purchasing disability insurance in Spokane Washington or Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Disability Policy:

In the unfortunate event that you become sick or disabled, our Disability Policy will provide you the security to help make ends meet. The policy offers a monthly payment of your choice, a benefit period, your choice of time period before benefits start, and affordable rates.

Accident Policy:

The Accident Policy protects against unforeseen accidents happening outside work that are not covered by workers comp or on-the-job disability. The policy includes lump-sum benefits; coverage for you or your entire family; dislocations, fractures, loss of limbs, or death benefits; hospital and ambulance benefits; disability and medical expense benefits; triple accidental dismemberment and death benefits; unlimited number of accidents coverage; and optional benefits available for sickness beyond injuries.

Cancer Policy:

The Cancer Policy is a supplemental insurance that works in addition to your other insurance. Our policy will cover the costs of the specific treatments and expenses including non-medical cancer related expenses that may not be covered by your insurance.